Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Overhauling process ....

These are the 16 valve's tappet. These are the parts that causes the "Tik Tik Tak Tak" sounds early in the morning when the engine started. Im not sure if there is any spoilt, seems not as my engine does not sounds after the engine warm up. My engine head when its just removed from the engine block. It has multiple layers of carbon due to years of services.
One of the 4 piston which were removed from the engine for cleaning purposes.
The upper part of the piston. 93 indicates the piston is for 4G93 Engine. D-H ... i guess stands for Double cam.
Well, guess people likes to says Proton .. Malaysia product, not good 1. Guess what I found on my engine Piston ? a mitsubishi LOGO! lolz...
My engine block after being cleaning. Looks sparking new!
The 16 valves, ready for grinding..
Side view of my engine block.
Still not ready ...
Its already 8pm, my mechanic has called it a day.. but he promise the engine will be up and running by this coming saturday. Another 3 days ..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My 4G93 condition ..

It was a hot afternoon, after i drop my fren at LCCT airport, I went to visit my car at my mechanic's garage. Fuel intake system, ignition, exhaust were removed and the engine head is ready to be removed. The valve cover were removed, the interior of the engine top looks clean and still looks very good as I've always change the lubricant on time.The top head sucessfully remove. The piston were full of carbons but its well intact.

Lower part of the engine head. From here, the 16 valves were clearly noticeable, but carbon were build up due to long term service by this engine. Black Color's valve were the intake valves, due to carbon build up, it looks black. grey colors were the exhaust valves.
My twin cam still looks shiny after years of services.
Intake port looks quite clean, but if u really look insde the port, there are traces of carbon build up within the port.

My putra's engine bay without the engine head, it looks so empty.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Trip ..

The leakage done by the engine .. My poor car lying unmovable..
Its being push by 2 guys towards the tow truck.
Its well align and ready to be position onto the tow truck.
Tow Cable tied and ready to roll ..
The gap was just millimeters away.

Finally its on the tow truck .
Arriving at my mechanic's garage..
Disembarking the car from the tow truck ..
Off the tow truck .
Parked inside the garage ..
The leakage was immediate when the engine started.
It will take at least 1 full week to fully rebuild the 4G93 engine or maybe 2.
The Death of the engine clocked at 289,996 Km.
The new sets of absorber sets to be fitted into my ride.
New Gasket Kits and Engine sealant for my 4G93.
Timing Belt Kit for another 100,000 km.
Its well prepared to be revive before it even broke down.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Live 25% ... Energy 10 % ...

19 Feb 2009 ... The day my Putra cried for mercy ...

My 4G93 has been having minor engine lubricant leak since July 2008. I've been preparing for overhauling it since then, which i had planned for end of Feb.

Today my Putra acted weirdly, the weaken absorber has been making very loud noise. Louder then usual. The thin brake pads seems to make obvious screeching sound too. After i went to pass up claim form at my office nearby, I had a check on the engine bay the minute i reach home. To my surprise, there is a lot of engine lubricant spitted out from the engine. Gosh! Luckily I was not heading anywhere for the day. The leakage was quite serious that I can notice it drip towards the ground. Immediately I call my mechanic but his garage was occupy by another Perdana V6 which is going through the overhaul process too. There is no other choice rather then wait for another week.

The 4G93 DOHC engine has clocked for almost 290,000 km drives, I do think its time to do a major overhaul. These are the things I've prepared for this round of major overhaul. 1 shot to fully revive it!

Engine 4G93 DOHC :
  1. Full Engine Gasket (Carbon Type)
  2. Piston Rings
  3. Piston Bearings
  4. Conrod Bearings
  5. Bosch Super 4 spark plug set
  6. Castrol Magnetic 10W40
  7. Bosch Fuel Filter
Brakes :
  1. All 4 new Disc Brake
  2. All 4 new Brake Pads
Suspension :
  1. Original Front Spring
  2. 2x Front Standard Proride Absorbers
  3. 2x Rear Standard Proride Absorbers
Interior :
  1. New Center Cluster (Replacing cracked cluster)
  2. New side Aircon vent
My ride should be as good as new around the first weekend of March 2009! Anticipating it ..

Friday, April 11, 2008

Fuel Consumption

2nd tank of my putra fuel seems to last longer, perhaps the ECU is starting to learn my slow driving style. This tank of fuel are purely city driving only, the first tank with 17" rims were on highway to klang and also KLIA, which i only manage to get 424km for RM75. This 2nd tank were a bit surprise to me, purely city drive but i get 432km for RM73!!!

Fuel usage RM73.00 (38 L)
Distance Travelled (432km)
Distance travel per Litre = 432km/38L = 11.37km/L
Cost for Each distance covered = RM73.00/432km = RM 0.169 /km

Difference for 1st and 2nd tank , 5% better in terms of fuel consumption

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fuel Consumption on 17"

First full tank of my putra with the new 17" wheels shows the milleage clocked at 424km while the refuel cost me RM75 @ RM1.92/L which sum up to 39 L of fuel.

Fuel usage RM75.00 (39 L)
Distance Travelled (424km)
Distance travel per Litre = 424km/39L = 10.87 km/L
Cost for Each distance covered = RM75.00/424km = RM 0.177 /km

Fuel usage wasn't much difference I guess. But i remember i was able to do 0.168/km once .. :)